Clothing accessories for perfect shaping in fashion

Making superior products with consistent quality takes knowledge, experience and technical expertise. helsa® Fashion Shaping has established these three attributes to supply international fashion companies, model makers, clothing technicians and designers with high-quality accessories. Our company has many years of industry experience and offers all of the textile components that are essential for the shaping of clothing.

Perfectly integrated products from shoulder pads and interlinings to sleeve head rolls and securing tapes allow us to create shaping packages custom tailored to our customers’ quality and price requirements. Today, the uniqueness of fashion and clothing is more important than ever. At the same time, collection cycles have never been so fast. Consistent quality assurance, short-notice availability worldwide and adherence to the highest standards of sustainability and raw material quality are key characteristics of helsa® Fashion Shaping products.

Product range

Individual helsa® shoulder pads for suit jackets, blazers and coats

The shoulder line or shoulder contour of our outerwear is a key stylistic feature and design element of fashion in classic suit jackets, blazers and coats. The shoulder pad plays an important role in shaping, but it is also synonymous with a good fit in the clothing industry. You need to have the know-how and a high level of technical expertise in development and production to get these two features to perfectly complement each other. helsa® has 75 years of experience in the production of individual shoulder pads for all kinds of fashion challenges with vast knowledge in the properties and possibilities of textiles.

Choose helsa® shoulder pads – we have a lot to offer:

  • helsa® shoulder pads are the world market leader in this segment – with over 70 years of experience and expertise
  • We make each shoulder pad according to your specific requirements
  • Strict quality control based on uniform standards in all plants worldwide
  • Consistent high quality
  • Fast sample/prototype design
  • We can adapt quality standards to meet your specifications
  • Competent and detailed technical support
  • Production sites at eight locations worldwide guarantee fast response times and availability at short notice
helsa® interlinings shape outer fabrics

High-quality outer fabrics are characterized by their excellent textile properties and unique feel of the material. helsa® interlinings are used to maintain these special properties while creating and keeping a durable shape and secure bond to various outer fabrics of clothing. We use select materials from reputable manufacturers in our sophisticated range of interlinings for suit jackets, blazers and coats to meet the highest demands in a wide range of applications. Our Fashion Shaping Interlining Test Service lets you test all relevant criteria for your custom combinations of outer fabrics and interlinings at our studios in Asia and Europe. Our experts also help you create your own samples and offer processing advice.

helsa® interlinings for lasting shaping retention – we have a lot to offer:

  • Choose from a premium range of interlinings that meet the highest requirements
  • helsa® interlinings are designed for universal use in suit jackets, blazers and coats
  • Enjoy lasting shape retention and a secure bond to a wide variety of outerwear fabrics
  • Our test service guarantees superior quality for various outer fabric/interlining combinations
  • Competent and detailed technical support
  • Fast response times and availability at short notice
helsa® Fashion Shaping – Interlinings
Intelligent solutions for edge finishing: helsa® securing tapes

Sometimes it’s the little things that have the biggest impact on quality – this is also a fact in the fashion industry. When it comes to clothing manufacture, tapes that secure edges, armholes and hems are critical in ensuring a perfect fit and lasting shape retention. This is especially true today with fashion trends that create natural silhouettes, which usually means using fewer shaping components. These components are essential for a lasting fit so it is even more important to use the right securing tapes to finish such articles of clothing. helsa offers intelligent solutions for securing edges – especially those with oblique lines such as armholes, shoulders and front edges – with outstanding product quality. helsa® securing tapes come in various designs and always offer the same high-quality properties. With our experts for technical clothing services, helsa guarantees that the products are used in the best possible way.

Stay in shape with helsa® securing tapes – we have a lot to offer:

  • Whether hem, edge or armhole – helsa has the right securing tape for your unique requirements
  • helsa® securing tapes always offer the same high quality properties
  • Competent and detailed technical support
  • Fast response times and availability at short notice
helsa® sleeve head rolls: Perfect shoulder transition, simple processing

Whether suit jackets, blazers or coats – sleeves are always a challenge in conventional outerwear, especially with certain outer fabrics or complex front and armhole designs. Here, the sleeve needs to fit just right. Supple yet sturdy inclusion of extra width in the sleeve is particularly important for high-quality business attire. Custom tailored helsa® sleeve head rolls and tapes are the perfect solution for such garments. They greatly enhance the look and fit of the sleeve and provide lasting shape retention. In the production of sleeve head rolls we utilize our vast experience and extensive know-how to pick the best raw materials for the respective application. This is a critical step to ensure a perfect result. At our plant in Germany we produce needle-punched non-woven fabrics with unique properties that provide the basis for our high-quality sleeve head rolls.

helsa® sleeve head rolls for perfect sleeves – we have a lot to offer:

  • Benefit from our over 70 years of experience and know-how in the production of raw materials and non-woven fabrics for sleeve head rolls
  • helsa® sleeve head rolls are always designed to meet the respective demands
  • Innovative shaping solutions, even for the most challenging sleeve designs
  • Strict quality control based on uniform standards in all plants worldwide
  • Fast response times and availability at short notice
  • Competent and detailed technical support
Makes tuxedos, blazers and suit jackets shine: helsa® facing silk

helsa®  facing silk is ideal for lapels and collars and adds an exquisite touch and shine to men’s formal wear. helsa® facing silk is used in tuxedos and is made from a blend of 100% synthetic filaments and choice carrier materials. The unique helsa® manufacturing process guarantees that helsa® facing silk meets the highest demands. Each piece undergoes extensive laboratory testing to ensure a consistently high level of quality. helsa® facing silk retains its extraordinary appearance and special characteristics even after repeated laundering cycles.

Add an exquisite touch to your garments with helsa® facing silk – we have a lot to offer:

  • The unique characteristics of helsa® facing silk offer excellent shaping properties and simple processing on the lapel
  • Excellent colour fastness, superior care properties and insensitivity to water, steam and pressure
  • Simple integration in production steps such as laying out and cutting, which makes it very easy to produce tuxedo jackets on production lines for “regular” jackets
  • Consistently high level of quality thanks to our unique manufacturing process for and extensive testing of helsa® facing silk
  • Fast response times and availability at short notice
  • Competent and detailed technical support
helsa® trouser braids: An elegant complement to facing silk

helsa® trouser braids – just like our facing silk – are made from a premium blend of 100% synthetic filaments and complement the product line for high-quality tuxedos. The decorative band perfectly reflects the finely nuanced colour of helsa® facing silk and is easy to use. Laboratory tests ensure consistent high quality of the product and production processes. helsa® trouser braids come in a variety of colours and designs in standard widths of 16, 18 or 20 mm.

helsa® Fashion Shaping – Gallonbänder


Zahlreiche namhafte internationale Modekonzerne verlassen sich bereits seit vielen Jahren auf die gleichmäßig hohe Qualität des formgebenden Bekleidungszubehörs von helsa® Fashion Shaping. Gerne unterstützen wir auch Sie – mit individuellen Einzellösungen oder aufeinander abgestimmten Formgebungspaketen!

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Product FAQs: The most important questions and answers at a glance

Are custom designs possible with shoulder pads and sleeve head rolls?

Yes, of course. helsa® Fashion Shaping products are not “off-the-shelf” goods. Every shoulder pad and sleeve head roll is designed and created individually according to our customers’ wishes and requirements. Our shaping components are as unique as the fashion styles and the needs of apparel manufacturers.

Can helsa® Fashion Shaping support me in design?

We are happy to assist you here as well if you are looking for support. Whether shoulder pads for women’s dresses, blouses and blazers or interlinings for men’s suit jackets, coats and suits – our specialists are here to help you in this creative process.

How quickly are facing silk, sleeve head rolls and other products ready for delivery?

Closer proximity means faster delivery times: Thanks to our global network of sales offices and eight manufacturing plants worldwide, helsa® Fashion Shaping products are manufactured where the actual end products are made. Of course, individual delivery times always depend on the volume and scope of an order.

Are the products tested regularly during production?

Whether shoulder pads, securing tapes, interlinings or facing silk: All helsa® Fashion Shaping products are subject to strict quality controls and are checked regularly to ensure a consistently high level of quality.

Can helsa® Fashion Shaping offer me individual advice?

In-depth, one-to-one consultations are our speciality. We work together with you to develop product solutions and integrated systems that perfectly meet your quality and price requirements. We support you with our many years of experience and quickly find the best solution for your needs.

Can I get samples of different shaping components?

Of course. We provide you with samples so that you can test textile shaping components such as shoulder pads, interlinings or sleeve head rolls even before production begins.

Where does helsa® Fashion Shaping make its products?

We manufacture where our customers make their clothing according to uniform production and raw material standards. helsa® is present on all continents – with eight international production sites and a global network of sales companies, representatives and partners, we are able to provide a consistently high level of quality with short lead times anywhere in the world. And we are even able to respond to short-term needs and individual requests.

Are there standard guidelines for production?

Our “helsa® Code of Conduct” clearly defines our responsibility to employees and the environment with regard to our production activities and the selection of raw materials for our products. It provides guidelines that are mandatory worldwide and which ensure legal compliance and ethically responsible behaviour. They even apply in challenging production environments such as India and Southeast Asia, where all parties must follow these guidelines.