Technical expertise in shaping fashion

When it comes to giving lasting shape to your garments, helsa® Fashion Shaping has been your reliable partner in the clothing industry for over 70 years. Our family-owned company develops, produces and sells custom tailored textile shaping and shape retention components such as shoulder pads, sleeve head rolls, facing silk and interlinings – and even offers integrated system solutions.

Our international network, our technical expertise and our absolute reliability are what have made helsa® the world leader in this segment for decades. Renowned fashion companies, model makers, clothing technicians and designers rely on products from helsa® Fashion Shaping and our vast experience, expertise and consistently high quality.

Innovative textile shaping components are part of our DNA at helsa®

helsa® is synonymous with creativity in the industry. helsa® Fashion Shaping’s success is based on our good sense for product niches, new concepts and applications.

For nearly 75 years we have stayed ahead of industry developments and trends and paid close attention to markets and sectors to produce high-quality shaping products for special applications. From custom-tailored shoulder pads to shape-supporting sleeve head rolls, from elegant facing silk to premium securable interlinings: Our family-owned German company has a long tradition of quality and steady focus on creating innovative products and solutions for the unique requirements of the fashion and clothing industry.

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helsa® cares about active partnerships, strong communities and has a vision for the future

We see our relationship with our customers and suppliers as an active partnership based on trust. We are uncomplicated and fair in our business dealings and foster an appreciative environment as the basis for mutual success. We want to be the best at what we do. Our strong group of companies and shared vision of what it means to be committed, passionate and creative helps us achieve this goal – and continue the success story of helsa® Fashion Shaping. Dedicated employees, a strong financial position and the latest technology provide a solid foundation for us to meet new challenges and create solutions. We are passionate about everything we do!

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