helsa - a tradition of innovation

For generations, helsa the world market leader supports industry partners worldwide with technically demanding and individual product concepts.
Besides service and quality in the center of the enterprises thoughts and actions are men and environment.
This combination has a tradition at helsa and is seen as an important driver for innovations.

Together we shape helsa’s future

Your experience and your expertise we highly value, we cannot afford to cast this aside. Let us forge new ideas for the futures .

he way helsa becomes world marked leader

It was the year 1947 when Helmut Sandler carried out his idea to produce shaping shoulder pads in an industrial way. That has been helsa’s birth and the beginning of an exciting company story.

We stand close to our global customers

Today about 1000 helsa employees at eight ensure that helsa products remain also indispensable in the future. Get an overview of helsa locations and representations on the world map.

helsa Fashion Shaping – we shape fashion

Whether classical or trendy it is true: „clothes make the man“. With helsa’s shaping components, fashion, our second skin, will get a well fitted shape.

helsa Functional Coating – we care about clean air and precision

With its adsorptive filter media helsa creates clean and purified air, the bases of all life. helsa’s precisely embossed and shaped rubber diaphragms give measurement devices constant and reproducible characteristics and resistance.

helsa’s blog – stories for you

Read about what helsa makes unique – our blog provides lots of information, entertainment and things to know – enjoy reading.

Captain Sorb by helsa

The Captain Sorb product line from helsa promises a new level of functionality when it comes to the storage and transport of high-quality clothing and shoes.

Learn more about these products and read our blog.

Visit the helsa newsroom

As a journalist or media writer, you can find information about helsa, downloadable material and current press reports here.

Aartee Patil (CEO helsa Icon India) and Monika Sandler (owner of helsa group international)
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"Eight years ago it was an idea - today it is a great story of success: helsa Icon India"

Speech of Monika Sandler (owner of helsa group international) on the inauguration of the new...