Our values: Social responsibility and environmental protection

We place great emphasis on working together and treating each other with respect; principles like social responsibility and the careful use of resources guide how we do business as a company. This responsibility and obligation is based on our company principles and is documented in our “helsa® Code of Conduct”, which applies to all of our global activities.

These mandatory guideline apply globally, even in challenging production environments such as India and Southeast Asia. They ensure legal compliance and ethically responsible behaviour of all helsa® Group International managers.

Our mission: Always improve

Our goal is to not only meet the applicable minimum requirements, but to exceed these in a way that benefits our employees and the environment. After all, it is up to us to ensure that helsa® and all parties enjoy lasting success in all areas throughout our group companies. This is also the foundation for our future success and helps us to be better than the competition.

Always in focus: The people at helsa® Fashion Shaping

Our employees are our greatest asset. Working together, they are the basis for our future business success. We support everyone who works at helsa® and provide a work environment that fosters growth – with respect, dignity and the understanding that we need each other to meet the challenges of a changing professional world.

Our principles

Our company principles are based on core values that describe how we want to treat each other to ensure that we always find pleasure in what we do and enjoy lasting success:

Mindfulness and humanity

We treat each other with respect. This means we pay attention to each other, listen and communicate openly. We challenge opinions, are not afraid to ask tough questions and appreciate criticism. Nevertheless, we are always respectful and polite to each other.

Personal responsibility

“You have to cross borders to discover new horizons.”

We want our employees to work independently and we encourage them to take the initiative to develop themselves and expand their horizons. We support them in taking on new responsibilities instead of leaving it to others.


“One for all and all for one.”

What does it mean to feel like we are part of a team? This comes from everyone acting in the interest of the “community”. The spirit of each individual creates our corporate culture.


“You have it in you!”

At helsa®, we see the potential in every employee – and we want to help them reach it. We offer opportunities and possibilities for growth – and change. Every effort has potential – and that’s what we want to see.

Openness and courage

“If you want something you’ve never had then you have to do something you’ve never done.”

We foster a welcoming and open atmosphere that allows for criticism and doubt. Recognition and praise give us a foundation of security. We need this to have the courage to reach new heights and be open for the future.


“We are committed to acting in a humane and environmentally friendly manner.”

Compliance with legal and voluntary rules and regulations and our commitment to protect employees around the world and preserve the environment are an integral part of our company policy.

We care about sustainability and the conservation of resources

We act with sustainability in mind throughout the world and always conserve resources. We do this because we believe responsibility towards society and the environment does not prevent growth. It is actually an opportunity to face global changes with ecological sensitivity and create an environment that is worth living in.

Quality campaigns with high standards at all locations worldwide

We produce custom tailored products for our customers based on the same global production and raw material standards – no matter where they make their clothing. This is what makes us different from any other manufacturer: We are able to offer the same helsa® quality and reliability anywhere in the world.

We are a reliable partner thanks to independent inspections and audits

Our helsa® compliance guidelines are as strict as our customers’. Independent inspectors assure this and perform detailed audits of our production sites on a regular basis. This makes us a reliable partner and guarantees a strong partnership at all levels.

Highly involved – even outside of our business interests

We are responsible for more than just the health of our business; we believe that it is also our duty to serve our community and the people who live here. helsa® is active socially for this reason. It all started with the “Helmut-Sandler-Kinderstiftung” (Helmut Sandler Children’s Foundation) that was created by our company founder of the same name and which resulted in the establishment of a kindergarten. This was an expression of his special commitment for the good of his home region. The Sandler family is still actively involved in the foundation today.


All helsa® Fashion Shaping products comply with Öko Tex Standard 100, which ensures that all the materials and dyes are tested for harmful substances such as formaldehyde. It provides a limit for each harmful substance and certifies compliance with these. Öko Tex Standard 100 is a globally recognized standard in the clothing industry.