helsa GmbH & Co. KG: Gerd Homski


Gerd Homski

Managing Director of helsaform GmbH

Gerd Homski has worked for the helsa Group for more than 25 years. Since he joined the company in 1988, when he assisted the set-up of diaphragm production, he has been intensively involved with aspects of manufacturing such as mechanical engineering, automation and lean production. Since 1994, he has managed the export shoulder pad production. He continued with the successful set-up of production, purchasing and logistics for the newly founded helsa locations abroad as well as the implementation of German quality standards locally with a high level of automation. As member of management of helsa Group International, Gerd Homski took over responsibility for the entire production of the helsa group as Technical Director in 2009. Since 2012, Gerd Homski has been one of two managing directors at helsaform, where he devotes his time primarily to the fields of production and supply chain at a global level.