helsa – familiy business with tradition for innovation

We are used to have a motivated and friendly working atmosphere – with us, you as a human being take the center stage. Our team consists of longtime staff as well as junior staff. In consequence of this effective combination, experience and expertise meet a wind of change and innovative ideas. During our over 70 years long firm history, we maturated and see this kind of balance as the one fact, which on one hand is responsible for our high-class products and on the other hand guarantees the stability of our company. As a part of our helsa-world you profit from many benefits.


helsa – we set value on YOU

Because each of our team members forms the “us” at helsa, it’s our special concern to cherish your effort every single day. The flat hierarchy in our company makes it possible to bring your ideas as fast as possible to the appropriate department – and decisions won’t take long to be made! Your creative thoughts will be donated with attractive bonuses within the framework of our employee suggestion system.

To guarantee competitive ability in-house and external at its best, we offer you various possibilities to broaden your horizon and stay up to date. Our whole company benefits from your knowledge as well as you as an individual.

To that effect we, as a family-run concern, also emphasize a continuous exchange of knowledge between all colleagues. Multidisciplinarity and communication are cornerstones of our firm. That also includes frequent appraisal interviews, where constructive feedback is transposed.

helsa – more than just work

To have the possibility to take care of your personal well-being besides the work, we live a family-friendly theme in our company and provide the necessary flexibility. Besides a gliding time program – and with that performance-linked wages – you enjoy 30 days holiday entitlement at helsa. Additional special leave due to different incidents, is guaranteed too. To fill your leisure time with your variegated imaginations, we of course feature a christmas bonus as well as a holiday pay.

Because we at helsa are conviced of our products, we also offer attractive employee discounts.