Sorbexx® PS
Sorbexx® PS


Sorbexx PS -
Powder activated carbon coated foams

With powder activated carbon coated foams 
Sorbexx PS-Sorbexx PS filter media consist of an open pore foam base coated with a homogenous powder activated carbon formulation. The thickness of the layer of the carrier and the amount of the activated carbon functional material applied determines the adsorption capacity. The particularly fine ground activated carbon particles are integrated into the filter surface in such a way that that they are easily and completely accessible for molecular impurities and form a large external response surface. This can vary depending on the porosity of the foam and the respective material thicknesses, thus determining the adsorption kinetics. The foams may vary as regards their structure and activated carbon or adsorber performance.

Construction and Design

  • Variable material thicknesses from 1.5 mm to approx. 20 mm  
  • Large and freely accessible response surface.  
  • High activated carbon content that can be variably adjusted; 
  • Customer customisations   



Physical and chemical properties

  • High adsorption efficiency  
  • High flexibility  
  • Simple handling  
  • Suitable as carrier for catalyst, impregnation, functionalization materials

Production methods


The textile base materials can be impregnated in our impregnation plant with a multitude of formulas, adjusted to a certain surface weight, and dried. At the same time, particularly during the powder activated carbon and granular carbon impregnation of polyurethane foams and non-woven materials, a large range of surface weights and qualities can be presented.


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