Sorbexx® GS
Sorbexx® GS


Sorbexx GS -
Granular activated carbon foams

Sorbexx GS-filter media consist of a polyurethane foam basis with different pore structure and thickness, on the hollows struts of which granular activated carbon or other adsorbents are attached by means of an adhesive. In terms of foam structure and activated carbon or adsorber performance, it is possible to adjust and produce the media in a precise and individual manner in line with the corresponding requirements. In additional subsequent production steps, the surface medium can be cut into a wide variety of moulds and customised into filter units.

Construction and Design

  • Adjustable flow resistance  
  • Large and freely accessible response surface ; 
  • Adsorber quantity and type that can be variably adjusted   
  • Media combinations can be presented   
  • Simple customisation and mouldability    



Physical and chemical properties

  • High physical and chemical adsorption performance  
  • Good mechanical strength  
  • Carrier material that can be configured in different ways


By “Sprinkling” we mean finishing the carrier materials with adsorbers such as activated carbon in wet bonding or sprinkler bonding processes. At the same, there are various production methods at our disposal which ensure a suitable and homogenous order and thus high air permeability of the finished material. The efficiency of the filter material can be controlled by the type and quantity of the adsorber. If required, after the same process, these media can also be laminated or covered with materials for particle deposition or for purely mechanical stabilisation. 

The textile base materials can be impregnated in our impregnation plant with a multitude of formulas, adjusted to a certain surface weight, and dried. At the same time, particularly during the powder activated carbon and granular carbon impregnation of polyurethane foams and non-woven materials, a large range of surface weights and qualities can be presented.  


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