Sorbexx® SB
Sorbexx® SB


Sorbexx SB -
Granular activated carbon media

Fabrics with granular activated carbon bonded to non-woven material 
Sorbexx SB filter media consist of a non-woven material base to which granular activated carbon or another adsorber media are firmly fixed using a special spray coat method. Sorbexx SB are piece goods available in a wide variety of widths. Sorbexx SB filter media may vary as regards the type of non-woven material and activated carbon or adsorber performance. The active surface remains almost completely preserved thanks to the only punctual fixing of the activated carbon or adsorber, and the gases to be eliminated can be adsorbed or chemically bonded freely and adequately inside the activated carbon or the adsorber. If required, the activated carbon or the adsorber layer can also be combined or covered with a non-woven material, which then provides a mechanical protection or a particle separation function. The surface medium can be folded in additional production steps and customised into filter units.

Construction and Design

  • Good air permeability  
  • Low pressure decline   
  • Large response surface   
  • Adsorber quantity or adsorber type that can be adjusted   
  • By pleating this fabric filter units can be customized with regard to their separation efficiency and pressure decline.   



Physical and chemical properties

  • High physical or chemical adsorption performance of the adsorbing media  
  • High mechanical strength  
  • Support material that can be configured in different ways



By "Sprinkling" we mean finishing the carrier materials with adsorbers such as activated carbon in wet bonding or sprinkler bonding processes. At the same, there are various production methods at our disposal which ensure a suitable and homogenous order and thus high air permeability of the finished material. The efficiency of the filter material can be controlled by the type and quantity of the adsorber. If required, after the same process, these media can also be laminated or covered with materials for particle deposition or for purely mechanical stabilisation.. 

By "Covering"we mean here applying a non-woven material or another textile material to a filter media coated with a granular activated carbon. This prevents the fragmentation of activated carbon. The process is carried out immediately after coating the activated carbon or during the pleating process. 


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