Sorbexx® CS

Ceramic activated carbon filter

helsa Sorbexx CS are ceramic extruded filter moulds. Activated carbon lends the adsorptive functions while a ceramic binder forms the supportive structure. The adsorption capacity can be individually adjusted. The particularly finely ground activated carbon particles are integrated into the structure of the ceramic in such a way that they are easily and completely accessible for molecular impurities and form a maximum response surface.

Construction and Design

  • Low flow resistivity 
  • Large and freely accessible response surface  
  • High activated carbon content that can be variably adjusted 
  • Modular system (building kit) and great variety of shapes  


Physical and chemical properties

  • High adsorption efficiency
  • High mechanical strength
  • Dust-free
  • Temperature stability
  • Thermally regenerative
  • Not combustible and chemically stable
  • Suitable as a carrier for catalyst and impregnation materials 

Applied Manufacturing Processes


Fine-cell honeycomb moulds are produced by extruding a formula containing activated carbon and minerals. Cellularity, length and the selection of activated carbon produces customised filter elements are matched for the various applications


clean room
climate ventilation
personal comfort