Facing silk

helsa facing silk is used to emphasise the lapel and create desired effects such as the gloss on a dinner jacket.

helsa facing silk is a high quality composite material made from 100% synthetic fibres. It is produced by a process that we have developed and therefore meets the highest demands. Every item is subjected to intensive laboratory testing. helsa facing silk guarantees a consistently high quality. It never loses its excellent appearance, not even after repeated washes.

helsa facing silk offers exclusive benefits:

  • Outstanding shape-holding properties thanks to its silkiness and softness
  • Excellent colour fastness and easy to wash
  • No problems in the processing steps such as laying out/cutting, so smoking jackets can be produced on production lines for normal jackets
  • Impervious to water and damp during the finishing processes
  • Hard-wearing against pressure, quilting and stacking


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