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Workplace safety and job security: Central elements in the helsa family company

Change is a part of life – today, people expect to be able to optimally adapt to new circumstances, be mobile and remain as flexible as possible. But there is another side to the coin of human existence: A desire for safety and security. In familiar surroundings, people can depend on routine behaviours, move about freely and confidently and achieve their true potential. Job security also plays an important role in the life of young people in particular, as demonstrated by a multi-year study designed by the WZB Berlin Social Science Center.

Workplace safety and job security: Enabling employees and employers to plan for the future

Employees who feel safe in the workplace, who do not need to worry about their jobs and who are not exposed to dangers in the workplace can also work in a reliable, results-oriented way. This, in turn, also translates into security for employers: They do not need to worry about losing employees and can plan for the long term. For Monika Sandler, Managing Partner of helsa, everyone benefits from safe, secure workplaces: “Power is irrelevant to me. I am most concerned with security and safety. I want a solid company, a place where it’s fun to work.”

Employee safety

helsa introduced a Compliance and Safety Standard for all of its locations in order to ensure the safety of its employees. Depending on the type of work, hearing protection, safety shoes, eye protection, respirators or gloves are prescribed. All sewing machines must feature finger guards; hydraulic cutting machines can only be operated with a two-hand control switch that stops cutting movement if one hand lets go of the device. In addition, fire protection systems, emergency plans, emergency exits, structural design that can withstand earthquakes and a health and safety officer are mandatory for every location. All benchmarks are based on German regulations, such as the Accident Prevention Regulations, for example. Once a year, the management inspects each production facility and awards compliant locations its Compliance and Safety Standard Certificate.

 Family companies offer workplace safety and job security

As a family-run company, helsa plans for the long term and is not only interested in workplace safety but also job security. Family companies rely on tradition and values and are a key pillar of the German economy. In 2012, for instance, they were responsible for 46 percent of the German gross domestic product. Unlike major corporations, family companies are not compelled to think from quarter to quarter. They can plan their actions over longer periods of time. And the ability to forego dividend payments if required also offers more security. These factors have helped helsa succeed as one of the few remaining companies in the textiles industry in its close to 70-year company history. With innovation, growth and the right feel for market development, helsa has now achieved a leading role in the global market. To offer mutual support and share information and ideas, the owner family, the Sandlers, are members of the Family Company Association (Stiftung Familienunternehmen) and the Alpha Zirkel.

The German family company helsa manufactures its products at eight production facilities around the globe and has 37 representative offices. We are looking for people who want to earn valuable experience abroad and learn how to shine on an international stage.

Among other jobs, our company offers opportunities for:

  • Industrial clerks
  • Textile machine operators
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Textile engineers
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