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13.03.2017 helsapedia, helsanews

Virtually invisible shoulder pads: natural shoulders

The helsa trend collection spring/summer 2018

One of the major challenges for clothing technicians is creating elements of clothing that are indispensable yet must remain invisible. This includes interlinings, padding, securing tapes and shoulder pads, for example. Some of these invisible helpers add stability, others give or help garments retain their shape.
Without these helpers, many jackets would hang over the body like a burlap sack or lose their shape after the first washing.

The oversized shoulders presented here are completely different. Strongly reminiscent of the 80s, the aim of “natural” shoulders is to create a silhouette that appears as if no shoulder pads were worked into the material at all. They should not be visible or give off an unnatural air – yet the shoulders should still receive the support they need to retain their shape.

The helsa Fashion Shaping team has developed precisely the right shoulder pads for this purpose. In this case, fully in line with the helsa philosophy “Invisible – yet indispensable”.

For example, the uniquely designed helsa SP 791 991 shoulder pad can revolutionize the requirements for natural shoulders that only need light support. Its interesting design offers new ideas for the shaping of sleeve heads that only require minimal padding. The tapered fleece strip helps work the pad into the garment.

We will be presenting three other exciting trends here – along with the matching shoulder pads offered by  helsa Fashion Shaping. 
For the curious amongst us: There is already an overview of the complete  helsa trend collection for the 2018 season here.

Every  helsa shoulder pad model can be individually adapted to your requirements. We look forward to receiving your enquiry. 

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