Recognizing and unlocking potential early on is part of the helsa philosophy
29.03.2016 helsakarriere, helsainside

The helsa philosophy: recognize and unlock potential in Upper Franconia

There’s potential in each and every employee. The helsa Innovation Centre aims to unlock this potential.

Unlocking the potential of our employees is an important part of the helsa corporate culture. We firmly believe that long-term satisfaction can only be achieved when people are able to continue to grow and develop according to their skills and interests. One of the actions we take to promote personal and professional development is the annual performance review, where we define objectives together and make concrete plans on how to achieve these. Support measures may include advanced training, financial assistance or adjusting working hours so that employees can take part in training courses or qualification programmes. 

The helsa Innovation Centre: a hub to unlock potential

The Innovation Centre is also very important to Managing Director Monika Sandler: “I see a lot of potential in each and every one of our employees. To get the most out of this, everyone must ask themselves: Can I grow? Can I develop myself? And there will always be a budget for this in our company.” The company’s Innovation Centre underscores the willingness at helsa to promote talent and identify potential. It functions like a think tank or exchange platform for interdisciplinary research and exploration of future trends and innovative technologies – without hierarchies or a specific set of rules. Employees have access to facilities inside the company headquarters equipped with a foosball table and comfortable furniture where they are encouraged to take breaks and focus on creative work.

helsa stands for innovative strength through research and development

A number of different marketable inventions have already come out of the helsa Innovation Centre. A good example of this are the formed activated carbon filters. These are high-performance adsorptive filter media that are given an irreversible shape in a special process, which eliminates the need for an additional housing for installation. Ground-breaking product innovations like this are possible in large part because research and development of new trends and technologies are a top priority at helsa and because we see a direct correlation between our efforts to unlock our employees’ potential and the innovative strength of our company. For nearly 70 years, our good sense of product niches, new ideas and applications has provided the basis for our success. In this context, we focus specifically on the following strategies:

  • Promote the advanced training of our employees;
  • Support independent projects on product innovations;
  • Identify and unlock individual potential, also with the help of external consultants;
  • Adjust working hours to foster employee development;
  • Operate the Innovation Centre as a creative exchange platform to explore future trends;

Development of potential as a competitive advantage

Targeted strategies to unlock employee potential are very popular right now, especially in the face of demographic change and the resulting competition for talents with “high potential”. This was also confirmed in a study by a consulting firm. The study highlights the development of potential as a key competitive advantage.
The word potential comes from the Latin “potentia”, which can be translated as “potency” or “power”. It is used in combination with other terms in mathematics, different fields of natural science and even in economics to describe all kinds of phenomena. Examples include potential functions, chemical or electric potential, gravitational potential and potential economic output. Even in day-to-day life it is often used to describe or determine the maximum achievable amount or value.

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