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Sustainability and responsibility at helsa

How we deal with it as a company

For many, very good reason, „sustainability“ gets more and more into focus for public and industry. Also for the helsa Group International, the protection of our resources, the improvement of energy efficiency as well as the best possible recycling of raw materials is a key issue for our activities. 

The confirmation of the effectiveness from all these efforts is often done by specific auditing companies, which than rewards the performance by a special seal of quality. Particularly in the textile and fashion industry, we meanwhile find an unmanageable number of various seals of quality, which is being even multiplied if a company is producing in different regions on different continents, like Helsa does. 

The costs for a global auditing are immense but finally do not contribute to any further improvement, as they just confirm the status quo. 

Therefore helsa took the decision to not apply for any seal of quality from the various auditing companies in first instance, but to rather spend the money for further improvements of our systems and processes. We are convinced that the advancement of sustainability can therewith be achieved much better and faster. 

With these funds we can, for example, complete the conversion from traditional factory illumination to energy saving LED technology, renew consequently heating systems in locations in cool climate zones or use of modern drive engines. All these activities leads to a significant improvement of the carbon footprint. 

Also, the reuse of raw materials, that are produced as fiber waste in our production processes, is a perfect example for a high degree of sustainability in textile industry. 

helsa is convinced, that all these targeted investments of money and resources in continuous improvement of sustainability is a highly important investment in the future of our Blue Planet. 

Instead of presenting one of the hundreds of different seals of quality, we rather would like to invite you as our customer to one of our factories wherever in the world, and make yourself a picture of the efforts we undertake in this regard. 

The “helsa Compliance & safety Standard” which applies in all helsa sites and companies, assures for all our employees a safe workplace and the compliance to high social standards, far beyond the basic governmental requirements. 



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