The strongly emphasized, extravagant shoulders will be trend in the menswear season 2018/19helsa shoulder pad SP 777 734helsa shoulder pad SP 767 772helsa shoulder pad SP 763 495helsa shoulder pad SP 793 101helsa shoulder pad SP 889 514
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Strongly emphasized, extravagant shoulders conquer the coat scenery

The helsa trend collection menswear 2018/19

New season, new look: As soon as it gets colder outside and the sky becomes grayer, the need for warmth grows and the clothing layers become thicker, a matching winter coat now is needed. What fits better than the oversized coats, which, according to our trend research, will conquer the 2018/2019 menswear season?

Celebs like Kanye West or Jerome Boateng are consistently and fully enjoying this oversize look already for some time. The extravagant oversize coat is casual and comfortable, and at the same time a classic to be worn over several seasons, the only precondition is, however, it should have a discreet, subtle color. In winter, the wide spread allows to wear several layers under it. The absolute must-have piece: a black scarf, simply put around the neck.

At helsa Fashion Shaping, however, we are not only interested in the outside appearance of fashion but, of course, in the inner structure as well. A fashionable silhouette is always created by important accessories that are set in the "garment interior".

In almost every emphasized shoulder of the oversize coats, one of our helsa shoulder pads could be. Our helsa fashion shaping team develops the perfect pad for every silhouette: whether in raglan sleeves voluminous and round, whether with foam or needled nonwoven cernel or in saddle or pagoda form. Indeed, every shoulder silhouette is possible.

Our shoulder pad SP 777 734, for example, is suitable for oversized jackets and coats for outdoor and sports sector. It brings volume into the shoulder and creates a smooth transition from the shoulder into chest and back through its nearly zero thickness on the edges. Its helsaflex© top cover, innovative laminated with nonwoven, prevents stretching during setting. Last but not least, it has a very soft touch and is comfortable to wear.

You will find all of the most important trends for the Fall/Winter 2018/19 fashion season here.

Be sure to check our helsa blog regularly for more information on shoulder trends in the 2018/19 season. 

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