Congratulations on the presentation of the helsa Compliance and Safety Standard certificate from left: <br>Logistics Manager Jaume B., General Manager helsa Fashion Shaping Gerd Homski, Auditor Valentin G., <br>General Manager Francisco R. and Production Manager Amadeu B.Company first-aid responders: They save lives in emergencies.The helsa plant in Cervera, Spain.Charming: The 316 year old Cervera in Catalonia.The small town is nestled between the hill Les Savines and the riparian landscape Ribera de Ondara in the province of Lérida.The helsa Compliance and Safety Standard seal.
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Spain – “helsa Country”

Part 2: Successful audit and ready for any emergency

Congratulations to our Spanish plant in Cervera on passing their helsa Compliance and Safety Standard audit!

Successfully completing this audit helps us ensure that helsa’s factory in Spain is also able to manufacture its products in accordance with the ethical and social standards outlined in the hCSS. Compliance with our helsa quality standards enables us to produce in a sustainable, efficient way across the globe, because the hCSS is precisely coordinated with all of the relevant aspects of shoulder pad manufacturing.

Consistent optimization of our standards is also very important to us, which is why we incorporate additional inspection criteria each year. 


Employee safety comes first

In addition to verifying documents, certificates, official permits and inspecting machines, buildings, fire safety equipment and escape routes, we also focus on issues related to employee safety – just like here in Spain.

“I saw our team’s way of thinking completely transform during the audit,” says Francisco R., General Manager and Key Account Manager in Spain, who was pleased with the positive effects of the audit. “We had to do some convincing, but ultimately we were able to show our employees that safety always comes before production capacity. Now all of the safety measures have been fully internalized and employees practice them proactively in all of their work.”


Well-trained first responders for our plant in Spain

A first-aid training course was offered as part of the audit. Eight employees took part in the seminar to become first-aid responders. All of the fire-fighting assistants also received training on how to operate fire extinguishers and hydrants. Regular refresher courses are provided for both. 

In the event of an emergency, the first actions taken can be a deciding factor in the health of the victim of an accident. But what do company first responders – which, incidentally, are required by law in EU countries like Germany and Spain – actually do?


First responders: Lifesavers on site

Their most important task is providing first aid to persons injured in a work-related accident until the rescue team arrives. Therefore, they must be able to respond quickly and confidently to – in some cases serious – injuries, burns, allergic shocks or cardiac events and begin all necessary immediate measures.

It takes a great deal of personal dedication to learn a comprehensive set of medical skills, to continually refresh them and, above all, to not be afraid of challenging situations.

Providing all of the relevant information to the rescue team, inspecting first-aid material for cleanliness and completeness and documenting all of this in a first-aid log – all of these tasks come part and parcel with being a first responder.

One factor is especially important alongside extensive professional expertise: First responders must have the right personality for this job. After all, they are expected to remain calm even in extreme situations and encourage injured persons instead of causing them to panic.

Luckily, first-aid responders are not left alone with their responsibilities. They generally receive support from other helpers such as the company doctor or paramedic.

It is a fundamentally important role in our company that deserves recognition. 
We want to thank all of our Spanish helsa colleagues who not only have volunteered to take on this incredible responsibility, but also perform this duty with such great commitment!


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