Handover of the helsa Compliance and Safety Standard Seal: Managing Director Bozena K., Auditor Valentin G., Author Marlene S.The helsa Compliance and Safety SealThe helsa plant in Zawidow, Polen
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Safety and compliance in practice

Audit in Poland – a personal perspective

My name is Marlene, I study industrial engineering and am interested in technical processes of all kinds. During my internship at helsa early this year, I was given the opportunity to learn about a wide range of production processes in detail.

I found it particularly interesting to see that factors like the environmentally friendly use of raw materials and energy has to be taken into account as early as the development stage of a product. The products developed by engineers in Germany are often produced in different plants around the world. In addition to Germany, helsa has production facilities in Poland, Hungary, Spain, Turkey, India, Cambodia and China. Of course, all of these countries have different statutory requirements for occupational safety and environmental protection. helsa is committed to ensuring that all production processes around the world focus on protecting people and the environment. The helsa Compliance and Safety Standard is designed to ensure that all of the products that leave a helsa plant are produced under strict, precisely defined sustainability, safety and environmental criteria.  Every plant is assessed once a year in an audit.

I was lucky enough to participate in one of these audits. I visited the Polish plant in Zawidow in February and was fascinated as soon as I saw it. The imposing old brick building is reminiscent of the beginnings of industrialisation in Europe and adds a touch of nostalgia. The inside is a striking contrast, with state-of-the art technology for producing shoulder pads and sleeve head rolls for the clothing industry and for upholstered cushions.

Our task as auditors was to check each department based on our list. In practical terms, this means being shown the protective clothing and safety guards for employees, checking the machines for safety and CE compliance, inspecting fire prevention precautions, recording waste sorting and any recycling, speaking with the safety officers, asking about first aid facilities and the company doctor and much more. We were shown projects to save energy and together discussed further optimisation potential across all areas.

At the end of the day, we presented a freshly printed, signed and stamped helsa Compliance and Safety Certificate to Managing Director Bozena Kowalow. All of the criteria and requirements set out in the standard were met. The audit was a really interesting and enjoyable experience. 


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