Handover of the helsa Compliance and Safety Standard Seal: Managing Director Arpad K. with Auditor Valentin G.The helsa Compliance and Safety SealThe helsa plant in Zalaegerszeg, HungaryConstruction of a helsa shouler pad
11.05.2017 helsanews, helsainside

Recycling and sustainability at helsa

The helsa Compliance and Safety Standard seal for our plant in Hungary

We are pleased that, alongside our plant in Turkey, our Hungarian plant has also received the helsa Compliance and Safety seal. Our auditors visited Managing Director Arpad K. and his production team in Zalaegerszeg and performed an audit in line with our helsa Compliance and Safety Standard.

At helsa, we place special emphasis on sustainability and recycling. One key aspect here is obtaining high-quality secondary raw materials through recycling. A year and a half ago, helsa Hungary stopped disposing of the viscose scraps created when cutting shoulder pads and began working them into fibres by tearing them again, thereby reintroducing them into the production cycle. Specifically, up to now, 4,500 kg of waste have been recycled. Alongside the financial savings potential, the central focus here is sustainable management.

Switching to LED lighting in the production halls, exchanging windows on plastic windows and the replacement of the old natural gas hot water heater planned for this year are some of the steps we are taking on the road to sustainability.

Our helsa Compliance and Safety Standard serves as a test instrument that ensures that all helsa plants act ethically and in accordance with the law. It guarantees that measures for workplace and machine safety, environmental and energy management are introduced, improved continuously and reviewed annually. The Hungarian helsa plant was successfully audited and awarded the seal.

Congratulations to Managing Director Arpad K. and his employees! 

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