The accentuated shoulder – for instance with oversized shirt-sleeve blouses – will be a featured trend in the Fall/Winter 2018/19 fashion seasonhelsa shoulder pad SP 792 683helsa shoulder padSP 560 906helsa shoulder pad SP 560 935helsa shoulder pad SP 792 886
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Playful contrasts: Feminine silhouette meets extra-broad shoulders

The Ladies Fall/Winter 2018/19 helsa trend collection

Fashion is and will always remain a reflection of developments in society. The huge array of styles hastily presented on catwalks is now as diverse and polymorphic as the women who wear them.

In the approaching Fall/Winter 2018/19 season we can expect to see looks that are at least as distinct and exciting as female consumers and society have been for a long time. In short, we can expect to see breaks with tradition, contrasts and playful trends! A dash of nostalgia, new surface textures and designs accompany many of the looks.

helsa Fashion Shaping’s team of developers draws from a wealth of experience when creating its work. For over 30 years helsa has supported its customers worldwide with the helsa trend collection. It introduces up-and-coming fashion silhouettes that are sure to be tomorrow's trends, presents matching accessories like shoulder pads and sleeve head rolls and shows the latest material innovations and new manufacturing technologies. Our customers benefit from our global production and logistics concept that only helsa Fashion Shaping can offer.

To highlight the “extra-broad shoulders” trend, we are proud to present the helsa SP 792 683 shoulder pad: Its mock pagoda shape lends this pad a very feminine touch. The sewn-in round cord provides stable support to the sleeve head area, while the wedge covers the edge of the cut, thus creating a smooth transition from the shoulder to the sleeve. All in all, this pad is a “natural fit” to create extra-broad, highly accentuated shoulders.

Oversized shirt-sleeve blouses with eye-catching details in particular will experience a strong comeback in the Fall/Winter Season 2018/19. Exceptionally stylish combination options include narrow pencil skirts that provide the feminine counterpart to the slightly masculine shoulder trend.

You will find all of the most important trends for the Fall/Winter 2018/19 fashion season here.

Be sure to check our helsa blog regularly for more information on shoulder trends in the 2018/19 season. 

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