At helsa, personal responsibility on the job is one of the company's core principles.
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Personal responsibility on the job: Why this is so important

At helsa, personal responsibility on the job is an essential component of the company principles and one of a company’s most valuable achievements.

It is one of a company’s most valuable achievements: To create a climate of personal responsibility among employees. After all, this is a sign of freedom – one that opens up many doors for unconventional thinking and personal development. But this is also something that everyone needs to learn how handle for themselves. “Every employee should be aware that they are responsible for their own actions and the effects of these. They need to be clear about the consequences,” explains Monika Sandler, Managing Director of helsa. Employees are not just another cog in the wheel; their challenge is to put all their strengths, ideas and energy into the company, take on responsibilities and, by doing so, also be able to embark on new paths. This creates motivation and unlocks potential – and this is the most valuable resource for the success of helsa. “Personal responsibility for your own tasks and being passionate about the work you do is part of our company philosophy and something we live by. Taking responsibility for yourself and others and getting actively involved – that’s what drives us every day,” says Monika Sandler, who played a leading role in developing and shaping the helsa company principles


An unusual career path ‘made by helsa’: Jessica Weber

Jessica Weber is a living example of personal responsibility. She studied textile technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Hof, where she heard a lot of interesting things about helsa from her professor. After taking part in an internship seven years ago she was convinced: “helsa has so much to offer – especially in the fields of development, process engineering and project management. From the very first minute I was thrilled by the family-like environment at the company and I immediately felt at home here,” says the young engineer looking back. Today, Ms. Schneider is a part of the helsa Innovation Team – a group of engineers and technicians that – in addition to customer-specific product developments – also actively strives to create innovations. “Thinking outside the box” is welcomed and encouraged here. She has a leading function as a key account manager. helsa Functional Coating is a classic niche provider in the B2B segment, which means that all employees in this division deal with products that the general public has never heard of before. Jessica Weber works in the field of adsorptive filter components. These are high-performance active materials that are used in ventilation systems and air conditioning systems or in automotive applications, for example, where they reliably and almost completely eliminate or significantly reduce noxious and foul-smelling gases. It is something that affects everyone since clean air is critical to healthy living.

Thanks to a ground-breaking innovation, a new, highly-efficient filter generation was developed several years ago for the automotive segment. Products like this must then be adapted for each model in collaboration with the customer. This was Jessica Weber's chance; now she is the liaison between the customer and helsa.  – From intern to key account manager. That is a career ‘made by helsa’ – one based on enthusiasm, passion and active personal responsibility.


Personal responsibility every day on the job: A neutral definition of the term

The term personal responsibility already gives us an important clue to its meaning with the two words that make it up: “personal” and “responsibility”. In fact, everyone has the opportunity, ability, willingness and duty to take responsibility for their own actions, words and failures. From the perspective of social philosophy, this concept is based on the assumption of the liberal ideal of a responsible, self-determined individual as described for example by John Stuart Mill in his theory of active citizenship.

In principle, the theory of personal responsibility is preceded by the following basic assumptions:

  • Employees are aware of their responsibility for their own actions.
  • For this reason they make sure that they are fine with their work.
  • They recognize on their own if there is a need for action in their work processes and actively support necessary changes.
  • They make sure to find a balance between their daily work and private life.
  • Being engaged in this way gives every individual the chance to actively shape their day-to-day work life and to bring their department forward or advance their own career.


Taking responsibility for yourself and others

At first glance, the word “personal” might appear to refer solely to the individual. But for us, personal responsibility means taking responsibility for yourself and others. Community and humanity in the sense of kindness, compassion and understanding are core values of the helsa company philosophy. helsa is just the right place for those who think not only of themselves but also of others, who have a keen sense of their colleagues in their environment and who recognize potential. On the other hand, you can’t always expect others to recognize your hidden potential. So for us, personal responsibility also means fully exploiting your own potential, yet being proactive and honest enough to admit to others when your reach your personal limits. Safeguarding the individual is important to us because we believe in humanity and the power of commitment. We prove every day anew with our employees that we have the courage to break new ground, to drive innovation and to give everyone the chance to play an active role in the company.

If you are searching for a new professional challenge and are interested in growing with personal responsibility in your career, then we are just what you are looking for!

helsa has a number of qualified openings in Upper Franconia for:

  • Textile engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Textile machine operators
  • Industrial clerks

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