Colleagues from 15 countries met with Managing Director Monika Sandler (front center) for the helsa Team Conference
27.06.2017 helsainside

One World - One Team

The helsa Fashion Shaping Team Conference 2017

“Preparing the Future” was the theme of this year’s Team Conference for the helsa Fashion Shaping division held in the quaint village of Grasellenbach in the Odenwald.

This year the key focus of the conference was to come up with concepts and strategies for the long-term development of the Fashion Shaping business. 35 participants from 15 countries represented the global nature of business with shaping components for the production of outerwear.

Personal contacts among the participants were also of great importance alongside key topics of discussion on overall business development, strategies in procurement and sales, continuous improvement of processes and workflows, and key account support for globally active fashion conglomerates. Using modern communication tools such as Skype and FaceTime offers employees opportunities for intensive contact between colleagues in different countries and on different continents in day-to-day business. However, none of these tools can replace personal contact – also outside of work.

All of the participants returned safely to their home countries with many new ideas, insights and a “colourful bouquet” of new impressions.

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