The Dynasorb Sorption Analyzer can be used to measure the adsorbent capacity and holding times.Those who want to operate the dynamic sorption analyzer require a deeper understanding of physicochemical processes.
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I see something you do not see - part 2

How we make invisible visible at helsa

Are you already a part of the helsa development team? If not, you now have the opportunity to adopt the role of one of these ingenious inventors.

Your task: From a variety of activated carbon samples of different quality, you determine exactly the black powder, which can give our filter media the best properties! Do you have an idea? Right: The invisibility of the effect of activated carbon does not make this task easy.

The helsa development team is very proud to have the Dynasorb sorption analyzer in-house, which is able to solve this task and which makes the invisible visible.


Dynasorb - A dynamic sorption analyzer

Test items: all adsorbents, filter media, honeycombs and filters

Now, Dynasorb enables us to test the effectiveness of all adsorbents, both in their pure form and in processed form as filter media or honeycomb bodies.

A well defined mixture of noxious gas, air and humidity is flushed through the sample. A large number of noxious gases can be detected by a mass spectrometer, which is located downstream to the sample. The device continuously measures the gas composition after the sample and thus indicates the breakthrough of the pollutant gas. 

The characteristics of the sample, e.g. capacity and holding time, can be evaluated by a corresponding software. By means of a corresponding evaluation software one can contrast different curves and determine capacities as well as holding times of the adsorbents as well as mix the volume flow and the air humidity of the air stream according to our needs.

In Part 1 of our small series you did read how we ensure that patients with artificial bowel obstruction receive a safe stoma filter.


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