The H2S test stand: Here, media for helsa stoma filters are tested for their performance.helsa stoma filters remove invisible odors and guarantee patients with artificial bowel obstruction more quality of life.
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I see something you do not see - part 1

How we make invisible visible at helsa

Recently, I was in the theater again: The Broadway Classics from the 50s „My friend Harvey“ was given and with it a whole body muscle training of a special kind. If you know the story of the invisible 2,10-meter rabbit Harvey, you know what I‘m talking about. Laugh until the stomach cramps. By the way, on YouTube you can look at the strip, it’s highly recommended.

And now I‘m on the subject: It‘s about the invisible.What would our life be without electricity, radio waves, or oxygen, just to name a few important invisibilities around us?

At helsa, we have dedicated ourselves to the invisible, for example helsa filters reliably remove invisible odors and noxious gases from invisible air. But, how do we know exactly how that actually works? There is nothing to see?

We started the search and would like to present the two helsa measuring devices that make the invisible visible or countable.


The H2S test bench

Test item: media for stoma filters 

For all non-chemists among you: H2S, also called hydrogen sulfide, is an invisible but highly toxic gas. In addition, we owe this substance the fragrance we know from rotten eggs. In rot, decay or digestion processes, H2S may be formed in low concentrations. Do not worry, by the way, as long as hydrogen sulfide is smelling, there is no danger of poisoning. 

H2S is very well suited as a reference gas when it comes to quality testing of stoma filters. For people with artificial intestinal outlets, these little helpers do, almost unnoticed, important services by adsorbing/trapping the fragrance of the uncontrollably escaping digestive gases. Devastating when a filter would not work. That‘s why at helsa, we continuously measure our filter media at the H2S test bench while accompanying production. 

This is a breakthrough measurement. A created filter specimen is placed in the apparatus so that it is continuously flushed through by a gas stream with a defined H2S concentration. Since H2S is very toxic, the test takes place in the fume hood, all safety precautions must be observed. 

The specimen now adsorbs the noxious gas until its power limit is reached. This is called the breakthrough of the filter. After about 1-2 hours this point is reached. It requires a little patience during the implementation, but you will receive a useful graphical evaluation with all the important values and parameters for documentation.

See you soon in Part 2, how another analyzer helps us to better meet customer needs. 




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