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Fireblockers expand the product portfolio

When it comes to innovative products that protect people and the environment, we at family-run helsa Group International are still demonstrating inventiveness and wealth of ideas in its 70th year of business. The company has been doing pioneering work in the development of adsorptive, high-performance filter layers since the 1960s. Initially concentrating solely on demanding, highly sensitive NBC protection suits, today helsa offers its customers a wide range of different protective functional textiles and products under its helsa protects” slogan.

helsa Functional Coating is an internationally recognized partner for adsorptive filter media, technical textiles and moulded diaphragms. In the automotive sector helsa filters shield people and the environment from hydrocarbon emissions, in the industrial sector they protect people, machines and processes against poisonous or disruptive gases and in private homes 
helsa filters eliminate unpleasant odours in exhaust hoods or vacuum cleaners.

A new product range designed to protect people will be presented by us at the Techtextil trade fair in May: “Fireblockers”, i.e. technical textiles made from heat-resistant high-tech fibres. These high-tech non-wovens are used in aircraft and other forms of public transportation. They are inflammable, cannot melt and are lightweight. In the event of a fire, they only produce a minimal amount of smoke and very little toxicity.

Our helsa innovation team can offer new solutions and complementary effects thanks to its special expertise in this area and years of experience with fibres and their processing. New material combinations lead to new product characteristics, enabling helsa to manufacture high-performance products that can also be engineered individually for customer-specific applications. Multifunctional textile processing in a multi-layer sandwich structure, the material’s additional, antibacterial function and its optimized insulation properties are some of the most innovative aspects here.

helsa has an extraordinarily broad spectrum of textile manufacturing options (non-woven manufacturing, impregnation, scatter and knife coating, adhesive and flame lamination, pleating, vulcanization and calendaring, thermoforming, die-cutting, cutting, and much more). The extraordinarily versatile technical possibilities paired with the core competency of individually designed product solutions make helsa an expert partner for all of your textile needs.

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