Anyone who wants to know which trends move the fashion industry is in the right place with him: <br>Thomas R. has been part of the helsa family for 39 years and manages European sales.
21.11.2018 helsainside, helsakarriere

helsa family: 5 questions to …

... Thomas R., Fashion Shaping Sales Europe

In our interview series "5 questions to ..." we introduce you to colleagues from our helsa family and ask them about their work with us.

Thomas, you have been with helsa for 39 (!) Years. Nice that you have time to answer us 5 questions!

Your activity in one sentence?

Sales Europe, Global Key Account Manager and Interface between production and sales. 

helsa means for you ...

... almost 40 years of my life and the right decision for me.

What do you appreciate about helsa?

We have 1A products and great colleagues in the worldwide team! I see with all enthusiasm for our business. I can also develop myself and keep learning new things. It's just fun.

Your previous highlight at helsa?

I was allowed to work personally with Mr. Helmut Sandler.

You are close to the fashion of tomorrow. Which is the next big trend?

The very big trends are no longer in my opinion. But I currently see, for example, that the casual-groovy clothing trend is declining, but for the casual-elegant fashion, coupled with tailoring craft, comes stronger.

Thanks, Thomas, for your answers! 



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