As the Managing Director of helsa, Monika Sandler has shown courage many times in her entrepreneurial decisions.From the outset, helsa founder Helmut Sandler pursued a bold vision that would have a lasting impact on the textile industry.Taking bold actions also means looking beyond the horizon.
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Having the courage to be an entrepreneur is the key to success

Bold decisions are a recurring theme in the history of helsa: Company founder Helmut Sandler and his daughter Monika Sandler are the best examples of this.

It takes backbone to listen to your inner voice and diligently follow your own path. Thinking unconventionally, having the courage to give inconvenient answers, swimming against the current – these characteristics are not only encouraged at helsa, they are practised throughout the company. Successful entrepreneurship is characterized by boldness and wise decisions. Employees must also go their own way and be able to act as entrepreneurs within the company. This also means it’s OK to make a mistake – as long as you learn from it. Objectives can only be achieved if you believe they are possible and are brave enough to try.


Vision and drive: Founder Helmut Sandler

Our company founder Helmut Sandler is a perfect example of courage and entrepreneurship. In 1947, at a time when discord and hopelessness still prevailed after the difficult war years, he pursued a vision that would have a lasting impact on the textile industry. Using his grandmother’s sewing machine, he created the first shoulder pads so that the tailors would no longer have to do this arduous work. The idea was a success and he was rewarded for his courage. Within a few years, helsa, the company founded by Helmut Sandler, had become the world market leader in this field. Today, around 900 employees work at eight locations across the globe for the company from Gefrees in Northern Bavaria.


Being the world market leader means having the courage to find niches and continuously reinventing yourself

Our founder’s courage still influences our company philosophy to this day. This is how we have continued to add new fields of business over the years – from elegant, shiny facing silk for lapels and pollutant-absorbing filters to dimensionally stable gas meter diaphragms. All these components generally remain out of view, yet they are absolutely indispensable for the manufacturer. It is thanks to the boldness and innovative strength of our researchers and developers that helsa has succeeded time and again in creating niche products, but also the fact that the company explicitly promotes this courage and ingenuity. For example, trainees and working students are encouraged to think outside the box, look beyond the horizon and break new ground. We don’t just preach these virtues at helsa. We practise them at the highest level of the company.


Like father, like daughter: Brave and determined

Monika Sandler, Managing Director and daughter of the founder, demonstrated great courage several years ago when she sold profitable functional areas of the company in order to be financially independent. “And we still succeeded in rebuilding all this again and being successful with it,” says Monika Sandler. It is this willingness to reinvent yourself over and over again that makes helsa such an interesting company – and an attractive employer.


At helsa, the future belongs to the brave

To ensure that helsa will continue to be a driving force for innovative solutions and developments in the future, we look for the following when recruiting young professionals:

  • Highly motivated, unconventional and progressive thinkers;
  • Young talents who can’t wait to take on responsibility;
  • Individuals who question long-established methods and are always searching for new ways to do things;
  • People who want to develop their own strengths as part of a strong team;

At helsa, we place great emphasis on treating each other with respect and appreciation. Monika Sandler: “The chemistry must be right. For me, humanity in the sense of kindness, compassion and understanding is a very important attribute and decisive factor for successful collaboration.” In this respect, the company has remained faithful to its long tradition and will continue in future to rely on people who have the courage to break new ground. At helsa, people like this have the opportunity to accomplish their goals and realize their dreams. They benefit from outstanding support and exceptional training programmes.

Among other positions, our company headquarters in Upper Franconia offers exciting opportunities for:

  • Textile engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Textile machine operators
  • Industrial clerks

Visit the Career area for more information about our extensive job offers.

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