Handover of the helsa Compliance and Safety Standard Seal. From left: Mechanic Murat C., Production Manager Nurten K., Auditor Valentin G., Managing Director of helsa®form Gerd Homski, Managing Director Turkey Tim WollfThe helsa Compliance and Safety SealThe helsa plant in Istanbul, TurkeyThe Turkish workforce at the assembly site (fire protection)
11.05.2017 helsanews, helsainside

Focus on work safety

Our plant in Turkey has been awarded the helsa Compliance and Safety Standard seal

We are pleased that our plant in Turkey has received the helsa Compliance and Safety seal. The plant in Istanbul has 48 employees. Under the leadership of Tim Wollf, it hosted a team of auditors, was successfully audited and was awarded the seal.

Our helsa Code of Conduct is a clear guiding principle that ensures all of our actions conform with legal regulations and sets out the conditions for ethical conduct in every helsa plant. We also developed the helsa Compliance and Safety Standard, which ensures that this guiding principle is implemented in all of our plants, improved continuously and reviewed annually. Special focus is placed on sustainability and work safety.

Compared internationally, Turkey is one of the most dangerous countries with respect to working conditions. Dangers lurk everywhere, but the main culprits are a lack of hygiene and safety conditions. In 2015 alone 1,730 people were killed at work, the german Süddeutsche Zeitung reports.

We are deeply committed to ensuring that the working conditions in our helsa plants conform to our high standards and we will continue to optimize them. Our primary focus here is employee safety (hearing, eye and breathing protection, safety shoes) building safety (fire protection, escape routes and plans, earthquake certificates) and machine safety (inspection, maintenance, safety equipment).

The Turkish helsa plant met all of the helsa Compliance and Safety Standards. Moreover, employees receive regular first aid training and the company doctor visits the plant on an ongoing basis.

Congratulations to Managing Director Tim Wollf and his employees! 

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