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13.03.2017 helsanews, helsapedia

Feminine yet cool: accentuated shoulders

The helsa trend collection spring/summer 2018

The new trend featuring accentuated shoulders is confident yet clearly feminine. It skilfully blends charming strength with self-confidence without the intimidating appearance of an Amazon! The silhouette remains more petite, feminine and close-fitting. This gives format and contour to tailored blazers in particular. When paired with wide, flowing skirts – like the always trendy pleated skirt – the accentuated shoulders create the classic feminine appearance in an X silhouette.

The helsa Fashion Shaping team of experts has also developed just the right shoulder pads for this trend. The very feminine helsa SP 791 345 shoulder pad is a prime example of this silhouette and is perfectly suited to the task:

It has an accentuated sleeve head area that adds charming contours to the shoulders thanks to its pagoda shape. The insert that protrudes from the top cover offers a nice transition from the shoulder area to the front and back of the blazer and its material properties make it a very good choice for washable garments.

You will find an overview of the complete helsa trend collection for the 2018 season here.
Every helsa shoulder pad model can be individually adapted to your requirements. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

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