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13.03.2017 helsanews, helsapedia

Emphasis on casual: emphasized shoulders

The helsa trend collection spring/summer 2018

Transparency and lightness are in demand this spring/summer season 2018. We will see many casual blouse cuts, plenty of delicate fabrics and lightness. Suits and jackets will fit more loosely and comfortably and casual clothing will be influenced by sport. Above all, the newly discovered baroque passion for tapestry and toile de jouy nature scenes will provide an interesting and refreshing change of pace.

The helsa Fashion Shaping team has also developed just the right shoulder pads for this trend featuring emphasized shoulders. Like the very feminine helsa SP 560 390 shoulder pad, for instance:

This striking red pad is the ideal choice for unlined summer jackets with inset sleeves. Its thin foam core guarantees a stable shoulder silhouette, while the carefully crafted design ensures that the shoulders are not too heavy. The soft material is pleasing to the touch and makes wearing these items a true pleasure. Overall this pad also offers light yet fully adequate support.
This helsa shoulder pad is available in red or any other desired colour.

We will be presenting an additional trend – for which helsa Fashion Shaping naturally offers matching shoulder pads – here soon. You will find an overview of the complete helsa trend collection for the 2018 season here.

Every helsa shoulder pad model can be individually adapted to your requirements. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

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