Aartee Patil (CEO helsa Icon India) and Monika Sandler (owner of helsa group international)
05.07.2017 helsainside, helsanews

"Eight years ago it was an idea - today it is a great story of success: helsa Icon India"

Speech of Monika Sandler (owner of helsa group international) on the inauguration of the new production facility of helsa Icon India on 21st June 2017

Dear Minister Rama Rao, dear Aartee and dear Sandeep with families, dear Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan, dear Mr. Frerk, dear Elke and my most loved son Felix, dear everybody!

Welcome to this inauguration!  

What an honor, what a joy to have you, dear Minister, here to celebrate the new factory and the new fundament of our common company helsa Icon.

Well, it’s about eight years ago, when I heard the first time about this lady in India who was producing shoulder pads and selling interlinings. And honestly, I was really a bit shocked, that there is another woman at the other end of the world, doing approximately the same thing than me under so different conditions than me. So, of course I was interested to come to know this lady. And to come to know that company or what she was really to do. And then a great story of success began. 

As I came to know Mrs. Aartee, her determination, her strength, her charming way in asserting and her destiny being single mother, my heart was taken. And I found more than only respect. I found deep sociality and deep understanding for what she was achieving day in day out.

Dear Aartee, I want to express my very respects and my esteem. I am proud for everything you have achieved here. And I am proud of the new factory and the success of our growing company.

Indians and Germans always had a kind of an understanding and friendship. This is also something I am very proud of.  

I wish you, Aartee, and I wish you all and I wish us as a team together that we will develop this friendship. And we will develop this partnership and then we will reach a very successful future.

I want to thank you all for having come here and I want to thank you to express that you will accompany us in the future.

Thank you very much.


Please read about the inauguration of the new factory building in Hyderabad here: 
Congratulations, Aartee Patil!

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