Enchanting winter landscape on Ochsenkopf mountain.Snow fun for young and old in the Fichtelgebirge region.Pure pleasure: Franconian delicacies are popular throughout the world.Franconian Switzerland is known for its lakes, rivers, cliffs and caves.The Internationale Junge Orchesterakademie (an international orchestra academy for young musicians) ©Gerhard BüchnerYouth sports are heavily promoted: Young basketball players for medi Bayreuth. ©OchsenfotoSimply wonderful: A hike through the woods of Franconian Switzerland.Evening at Canale Grande in Bayreuth.Beginners and advanced skiers are welcome at the Gefrees Ski Club.
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City, country, contentment.

What makes the quality of life in Upper Franconia so good? We asked our employees!

Every trend is followed by a countertrend: While some are still talking about rural exodus, many others are consciously taking advantage of the numerous benefits offered by a life far away from heavy traffic, anonymity and bad air. But what makes living in a region like Upper Franconia so appealing? We spoke to colleagues who have moved here, grew up here or come back here and asked them: “Why do you like to live and work here?” They provided some fascinating insights and interesting impressions with their responses, encouraging us all to take a fresh look at our own fortune. We picked three examples …

He moved here: “Live where others go on holiday”

Christian Bunge, Commercial Manager of helsa Group International, Managing Director of helsa Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG and Munich native

“During my studies in Bayreuth I had an opportunity to get to know the region and its wonderful towns, beautiful nature, cultural highlights, diverse sporting activities and culinary delights. Just thinking about it gets me excited again. When you come from a large city like I do, you learn to appreciate the advantages of smaller towns – no crowds, none of the hustle and bustle, and the air quality is excellent! That’s why I made a conscious decision in 2004 to leave Munich and move to Upper Franconia: Today I live in Weißenstadt, a tranquil little town on a wonderfully situated lake. It is a great feeling to live where other people go on holiday, and something I enjoy in a new way every day.”

She grew up here: “Local clubs and associations are still an important part of life here”

Ute H.-R., Works Council Chairwoman, with the company since 1987, completed an apprenticeship to become a Textile Laboratory Technician at helsa, lives in Gefrees and grew up here

“Our region is ideal for sports and outdoor activities. This is very important to me since my passion outside of work is promoting youth development as part of the local ski club. It makes me so happy to get people excited about physical activity, something that works great out in the country with our well-organized clubs and associations. This is still an important part of life here. Close family ties were extremely important for my professional career: I could rest assured that my 12-year-old daughter was always in good hands while I pursued my profession. Even though I maintain close contact with family in Munich, I was never drawn to the big city and stayed true to our rural area. You don’t have to travel far to get to bigger towns like Bayreuth and Hof where you can find everything you need.”


She commutes: “A great mix of people who are committed, down to earth and always ready to celebrate!”

Elke H., Marketing Manager, lives in Bayreuth

“I’ve been commuting between Bayreuth and Gefrees since 1998, which doesn’t take much time thanks to the perfect autobahn connection. The magnificent view alone makes up for any extra trouble, and so I like to work here in Gefrees: One look out my window towards the Fichtelgebirge mountains and the idyllic hilly green landscape makes me feel like I’m on holiday, which, incidentally, is also excellent for creative thinking. The mentality of those who live here in this rural region is impressive: It is a great mix of people who are committed, down to earth but also always ready to celebrate – especially during what they call the “Fifth Season” here, the “Gefreeser Wiesenfest”! Being active in the local clubs and associations is a matter of course for many colleagues who meet regularly and take advantage of all that they have to offer. I have even already tried my luck on the beautiful slopes of the Fichtelgebirge mountains as a skate skiing beginner – and I’m thrilled: Far away from mass tourism and long queues, everyone can use and enjoy a wonderful piece of nature, for example at the Gefrees Ski Club in idyllic Kornbach – and, on top of that, it’s also very inexpensive. My family and I will definitely continue to explore the picturesque trails here in Northeastern Upper Franconia.”

Our conclusion:
There were so many arguments in favour of living a nice life here in Upper Franconia that we decided to summarize the most common advantages for you once again in an overview.

You can enjoy life more here!

This is a great place to work!

  • Success is security: helsa is one of the world market leaders and global players in its special segments
  • Excellent prospects: Future-oriented sectors such as activated carbon filters
  • Region with the second-highest industrial density in Europe – helsa belongs to it!
  • Your chance to be a breath of fresh air: Our apprenticeship programmes
  • Motivating and open working atmosphere
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