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22.02.2017 helsapedia, helsanews

Back to the 80s: oversized shoulders

The helsa trend collection spring/summer 2018

Oversized, exaggerated shoulders are back! Anyone who suddenly overcome with frown and a desire to cringe on someone else’s behalf is likely still too emotionally attached to the days when peg top trousers, blow-dried hair and padded shoulders were in.

But oversized shoulders do not necessarily create power women or disproportionately sized Amazons. Cleverly worn – for example with skinny trousers – the style remains casual and tough.
And lest we forget: Broad shoulders take attention from the centre of the body and conjure up a slender waist!  This results in a feminine silhouette that makes a self-confident statement.
This 80s-inspired look is perfect for cool safari and wildlife-style trenches and sets a fashionable counterpoint to the feminine trends of the season.

The helsa Fashion Shaping team has already developed matching shoulder pads for this retro trend.
For example the washable shoulder pad SP 791 862: The desired maxi look is embossed by the long cut top cover. Its pre-curved base guarantees a stable shoulder and the cap of doubled fabric keeps the arm ball area well, while the slanted yarn running guarantees enough flexibility.

We are experiencing a strong revival of various shoulder pad shapes in the spring/summer season 2018.

We will be presenting even more exciting trends here – along with the matching shoulder pads offered by helsa Fashion Shaping.
For the curious amongst us: There is already an overview of the complete helsa Trend Collection for the 2018 season here.

Every helsa shoulder pad model can be individually adapted to your requirements. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

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