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13.07.2017 helsainside, helsanews

A hard fight for the helsa trophy

The helsa soccer match Hungary - Germany moves into second round

"Gerd Homski (CTO helsa Fashion Shaping) is looking forward to the helsa friendly game Hungary - Germany." This was really very good and fair football at a technically high level, which was offered to us, very impressive ". Two highly motivated teams, great atmosphere, a lot of fun and a tough fight for the new trophy - so the short summary of Friday, July 07, 2017.

After the helsa football tradition was restarted in Zalaegerszek, Hungary, last year, 15 Hungarian helsa kickers came to Oberfranken, to prove their football skills.


At a factory tour in the morning, the visitors could have a look at the old and brand new helsa filter production. Led by helsa production manager Matthias S., they followed the interesting process from the raw material to the finished activated carbon filter. These are quite new impressions for most of the Hungarians, who are specialized in the production of shoulder pads.


Kick-off of this well prepared cup play was at 17:00 o'clock at Marktschorgast football field. First goal in the German goal, already in the second match minute. In a hard, exciting and technically sophisticated fight, the german team players, trained by helsa development leader Jörg W., managed to turn the situation. So the German team went 3: 1 ahead into the break and could finally decide the game with 8: 2 for themselves. The Hungarian selection, around trainer Tamas M., congratulated enviously. After the motto "to be there is everything", one celebrated this "cup victory" of the Franconian colleagues, who had not only the home advantage, but also the age, that is, younger players. 


2018 there is a new chance for the helsa trophy, in the beautiful "Ungarland".

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