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Michaela L. coordinates the purchase of material from helsa Fashion Shaping worldwide.
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helsa family: 5 questions to …

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The Allianz Arena in Munich at night. Its characteristic facade consists of 2760 foil cushions made of ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene and thus in the smallest of synthetic fibers.
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What the Allianz Arena has to do with alpaca wool

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Congratulations on the presentation of the helsa Compliance and Safety Standard certificate from left: <br>Logistics Manager Jaume B., General Manager helsa Fashion Shaping Gerd Homski, Auditor Valentin G., <br>General Manager Francisco R. and Production Manager Amadeu B.
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Spain – “helsa Country”

Part 2: Successful audit and ready for any emergencyread more ...

Spain is one of eight countries worldwide where helsa has its own factory.
By: Monika Scherer

Spain – “helsa Country”

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Centre from left: General Manager Ron L., Managing Director helsa Fashion Shaping Gerd Homski <br>and Auditor Valentin G.
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By: Monika Scherer

Cambodia – “helsa Country”

Part 2: A completed audit that has consequencesread more ...

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