The Dynasorb Sorption Analyzer can be used to measure the adsorbent capacity and holding times.
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I see something you do not see - part 2

How we make invisible visible at helsa

70 years helsa - German
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Congratulations, helsa!

We’re celebrating our 70th anniversaryread more ...

natural shoulders
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Virtually invisible shoulder pads: natural shoulders

The helsa trend collection spring/summer 2018read more ...

The helsa seal for safety and responsibility
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Promoting a culture of responsibility

The helsa Compliance and Safety Standardread more ...

oversized shoulders
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Back to the 80s: oversized shoulders

The helsa trend collection spring/summer 2018read more ...

helsa® Compliance and Safety Standard

Workplace safety and job security: Central elements in the helsa family company

Change is a part of life – today, people expect to be able to optimally adapt to new circumstances, be mobile and remain as flexible as possible. But there is another side to the coin of human existence: A desire for more ...

Enchanting winter landscape on Ochsenkopf mountain.
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City, country, contentment.

What makes the quality of life in Upper Franconia so good? We asked our employees!read more ...

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