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Sustainability and responsibility at helsa

How we deal with it as a company

The strongly emphasized, extravagant shoulders will be trend in the menswear season 2018/19
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Strongly emphasized, extravagant shoulders conquer the coat scenery

The helsa trend collection menswear 2018/19read more ...

The round shoulders will be a trend in the Fall/Winter 2018/19 fashion season
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Unbelievably feminine: Round shoulders for vintage silhouettes

The Ladies Fall/Winter 2018/19 helsa trend collectionread more ...

Growth from three founding mothers in 1947 to the current 90 employees in 1957
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70 years of helsa: A look back at the beginnings

From visionary entrepreneurship and growth in difficult timesread more ...

CEO of helsa Fashion Shaping, Gerd Homski
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"helsa has taken care of the care and responsibility of all employees"

Interview with Gerd Homski (CEO helsa Fashion Shaping) about the helsa Compliance and Safety Standardread more ...

Aartee Patil (CEO helsa Icon India) and Monika Sandler (owner of helsa group international)
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"Eight years ago it was an idea - today it is a great story of success: helsa Icon India"

Speech of Monika Sandler (owner of helsa group international) on the inauguration of the new production facility of helsa Icon India on 21st June 2017read more ...

The helsa soccer team 2017
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A hard fight for the helsa trophy

The helsa soccer match Hungary - Germany moves into second roundread more ...

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