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Sustainability and responsibility at helsa

How we deal with it as a company

Centre from left: General Manager Ron L., Managing Director helsa Fashion Shaping Gerd Homski <br>and Auditor Valentin G.
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By: Monika Scherer

Cambodia – “helsa Country”

Part 2: A completed audit that has consequencesread more ...

Cambodia is one of eight countries worldwide where helsa has its own factory.

Cambodia – “helsa Country”

Part 1: Insider travel tipsread more ...

One of the first helsa ads uses calligraphy.

70 years of helsa advertising

A brief history of advertisingread more ...

Handover of the helsa Compliance and Safety Standard Seal: from left Valentin G. (helsa Energy and Environmental Manager), Aartee Patil (CEO helsa Icon India), Sandeep P. (General Manager helsa Icon India) and Gerd Homski (General Manager helsa Fashion Shaping)
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With good conscience in India

Or: How to stay objective as an auditorread more ...

my home is my castle

“My home is my castle!”

helsa activated carbon filters transform our home zones into comfort zonesread more ...

The accentuated shoulder – for instance with oversized shirt-sleeve blouses – will be a featured trend in the Fall/Winter 2018/19 fashion season
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Playful contrasts: Feminine silhouette meets extra-broad shoulders

The Ladies Fall/Winter 2018/19 helsa trend collectionread more ...

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